Reclaimed Wipers

Not sure what you need or know what the difference between different wipers? Well, why not come down and see for yourself. That’s right, we welcome you to visit our facility at any time, and we will work with you hand in hand to make sure you get exactly what you want the first time. We will show you each type of wiper we carry and let you see for yourself the difference in each.

In addition, our wipers are subject to a rigorous inspection process. We hold quality and consistency as one of the most important factors in our business, right along with customer care and service. If there is something specific you need and do not see it, please let us know, if it exists we have it.


White Knit

Graded from bleached and white knit cotton, this high performance, soft lint-free "T-shirt” material wiper is ideal for dusting and polishing.

White Knit With Print

An economical version of our white knit with a color design remaining on it.

Color Knit

This multipurpose Soft "T-shirt” material wiper replaces the need for shop towels or paper disposables.

White Fleece

A "Sweatshirt” material that is soft, strong and a very durable product, wet or dry. It is perfect when bleeding of colors is a factor.

Color Fleece

A more economical "Sweatshirt” fleece wiper for many different applications. It is an ideal wiper for oil and grease.

White Terry / Towel Rags

The ultimate in absorbency. All Wipers are cut from High-quality terry bathrobes and towels.

Color Terry / Towel Rags

Same as our White Terry rag only in color and a little cheaper. Save money if the color doesn’t matter.

Flannel Rag

A great nonabrasive and highly absorbent. Cut from light flannel shirts and pajamas.

Corduroy Rag

A great low cost, general use wiping rag with a mixture of light, medium and heavy material for different applications.


A good and very absorbent wiping rag cut from old-fashioned bedspreads and blankets.


General purpose rag with low lint and makes an excellent choice for painters or staining applications.


A great economical wiping rag, which has many different uses. It makes a wonderful choice for tough oil and grease stains.